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GMO Membership:   $70

Club Memberships Only:


Schooling Show Only Membership:  $40

 (LIDA Member Only/Non GMO)

Youth Participating Membership: $40

 (LIDA Member Only/Non GMO/

  Max. Age 21)


Non-Competing Membership:  $30

 (LIDA Member Only/Non GMO/

  Not Eligible for Team or High Score


To be eligible for Yearly High Score Awards, the rider of the horse must be a current LIDA member prior to the first class of the show for which scores are to count.


Please review the rules!

USDF/USEF Membership Verification


Please note that for full participation in USDF Regional Championships and all USDF affiliated Year End Awards Programs, you must be a "USDF Participating Member".


Use this link to verify membership status with USDF and USEF.

2024 Current Member List



Please check list to confirm membership, remember, only scores earned while an active LIDA member will count towards LIDA Annual Awards.

Ludmilla Perignon-Albert

Jordan Bader

Heather Baker

Kelly Bailey

Lyndsey Bailey

Drianne Benner

Lynn Berry

John Billeris

Holly Billeris

Christina Brierley

Mary Burke

Joan Bush

Jackie Cartesio

Ann Conlin

Raul deLeon

Diana DiCostanza

Michelle DiLillo

Christine Barrett DiStefano

Rachel DiStefano

Robin Foster

Debora Froehlich

Martina Gates

Paddy Hennessey

Wick Hotchkiss

Dona Just

Wendy Kaplan

Gabriella Macari

Susan Marinos

Phyllis MacConnell

Natalie Mattson

Megan McCaffrey

Vivienne Mackinder

Tracie Montgomery

Mary Mulchahy

Ana O’Brien

Brittany Oelschlager

Kayla Oelschlager

Jennifer Pellman

Marta Priebe

Carol Potts

Chris Ritchey

Aegan Rigdon

Patti Rockwell

Doreen Rose

Amanda Rossiter

Lumi Rolley

Ann Russo

Karin Schackne

Wendi Schnittjer

Jillian Schulz

Erica Frouman-Smith

Joyce Elder-St. John

Jennifer Visconti

Jeanne Watson

Joann Wieber

Dina Wolyniec

Stella Yanotti

Member Gallery


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